You’ve got a killer idea OR have created something amazing but…


Whether you have thousands of long-term paying customers or only the seed of an idea in your mind it’s critical in this day and time to share your story.

How do we shop today?

1. Recognize a need or desire

  • I need to know what’s in my sales pipeline
  • I want a new sweater
  • Alexa & Siri aren’t playing nicely together in my home

2. Research & Gather Info

  • Understand the differences, options available, and pricing
  • Google
  • Text friends
  • Reach out to colleagues
  • Ask your network on social media

3. Identify alternatives

  • Synthesize the information and make your list of potential solutions
  • This is where you’re identifying the key factors

4. Weigh & Prioritize

  • The pros/cons mindset amongst the top alternatives
  • Pricing, timing, place of purchase

5. Make your decision

  • Here’s where you make the actual mental & emotional decision
  • Salesforce CRM – Enterprise Edition
  • Grey sherpa sweater from Amazon

6. Take action

  • This is likely the FIRST time you directly engage with the brand/seller
  • Complete your purchase/Place your order

7. Review your decision

  • How do you feel after you’ve clicked “Buy”?
  • How are you feeling when you receive the item?
  • How do you feel a week later?
  • What will you share with others?

Understanding and creating a journey that will help you accomplish your business goals is what I’m here to help you with!

Work With Jeremy

I’ve delivered results via marketing and advertising for the past 11 years in a variety of capacities for a LOT of different types of companies.

Before starting Marketing Explorer I was hyper-focused on helping startups launch and grow in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area. However, I came to the realization in 2017 that I don’t have to be attached to just one company – seems a bit obvious after years working with multiple brands on the agency side of the business, but it took me a while to get there and come up with my own approach to do what I love the most in a different way than I’ve ever done before.

I invite you to learn more about both my personal journey over the past few years, where I’m currently exploring and working from, and most importantly – how we can partner to ensure that your dreams are achieved!