I can’t even believe that my last blog post was in November 2018, that’s ridiculous! As I sit here in the Orlando airport waiting for a flight I finally pulled up my own site (not a client’s for once) and was a bit appalled honestly. So here I go to fix that with an attempt to provide a quick update on what’s happened for me personally and professionally in 2019.

It also seems like a great time to update the site since I just got my holiday cards in the mail yesterday so we’ll start with the note that I included to those on my mailing list:

Photo collage from 2019 highlights

Christmas Card Note 2019









I truly believe that as we wrap this decade up and prepare to start fresh it’s a great time to refocus on relationships, kindness, and giving back.

I’ve also learned, in my second year of nomadic living, that 2 questions are really hard for me to answer succinctly. They’re also two of the most common questions I get asked and since you may also be wondering about them I’m going to attempt to answer them in this post!

Where are you from?

Background: I’ve learned that when people ask this question they often don’t really mean where are you from, they actually mean where is home or where do you live – these are much simpler to answer.

As a nomad, home is literally where I park it! Currently, as I write this post the RV happens to be parked in Merritt Island, Florida (near Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral) which also happens to be my legally declared domicile.

If however, you actually do mean where was I born? Where is my family? Here you go…

I was born in Lakeland, Florida but we moved to the metro Atlanta area when I was young. Therefore, I grew up and most of my memories are around Atlanta. My parents are now back north of the city and my brothers have never left the state of Georgia since graduating highschool.

I left Atlanta at the end of 2010 and moved to New York City. I spent 3 years living in Manhattan and then moved to San Francisco. I lived in San Francisco for a year and a half and then moved to the east bay after purchasing a house in Oakland. I spent a total of 4 years in the Bay area and left in December 2017 to start the nomadic chapter of my life.

Now that you know the full scoop – how would you answer the question?! Share your suggestions in the comments below and I’ll gladly test them out and let you know the response I get!

What do you do?

The short answer to this question is super simple: Marketing & Advertising

But… that’s pretty vague and doesn’t satisfy most people based on the field trials over the past 2 years!

After putting some thought into this and how to make it succinct, this is the “elevator pitch” I’ve landed on for now:

You know how most small and medium-sized businesses do something really unique and deliver a ton of value to their customers? Well, I help the founders and leaders of these businesses figure out how to isolate what’s unique and compelling about what they do and help share their story in a genuine and authentic way. In fact, I’m working with a few customers right now in some pretty boring, super technical industries to humanize their company and get the message in front of the right audience without being pushy & salesy.

Sharing this story, once we’ve all agreed on things, can look like a lot of different things ranging from paid advertising to events to video production, but those are just media and distribution choices at the end of the day. These need to be selected, measured, refined and optimized over time. The story and getting to that core is what is really exciting to me after the time I spent launching two very unique startups in the tech space.

What does 2020 have in store?

Since we’re halfway through January I figured I’d add this last question on to the post today. I’m working on a bunch of different updates to the website after I iron out a few snags I hit with migrating to a new hosting provider and those will encompass new services and offerings and (hopefully) some courses that will help people starting out learn how to get started and how to do some of the critical legwork on their own.

Drop me a comment or send a chat in and let me know what you’re struggling with as you work to start or grow your business! I’d love to hear from you.