Meet Jeremy

With over 13 years of marketing and advertising experience across varied industries, Jeremy started Marketing Explorer LLC at the beginning of 2018.

Most recently, before enjoying 6 months of traveling and “retirement”, Jeremy worked in Silicon Valley as the VP of Marketing for TripActions. As an early member of the team, he was responsible for refining the GoToMarket strategy, identifying buyer personas, database development, lead flow to sales development, training, system integration, 360º view of the customer, lifecycle stage identification, leading paid advertising, public relations, launch out of stealth, forecasting, budgeting, hiring and building a team.

While there Jeremy drove exponential growth in the database, created territories for the sales organization, and created an inbound flow of qualified leads with a very limited budget. He was able to accomplish this based on instinct and rapid iteration. These quick cycles allowed him to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities in a very cost-effective manner.

Prior to TripActions, Jeremy spent 2.5 years at Zenefits between 2013-2016. Although the organization was certainly not without its issues, Jeremy was a vital component that fueled the exponential growth of the organization.

Jeremy also has years of experience on the agency & professional service side of the business as an Account Director and Senior Marketing Consultant. In these roles, he led projects and managed clients like Facebook, HBO, Barnes & Noble, Tensar International, LexisNexis –, 1800Flowers, Raymond Weil, Wyndham, Sayers, NBC Universal, Viacom – Centric/BET, RedTouch Media.

A bit of history

From 2008 – 2013, Jeremy worked at a marketing & advertising agency in both Atlanta and then New York City after several acquisitions to expand the client roster, internal capabilities, and geographic footprint of the organization.

Jeremy spent the majority of 2013 as a Senior Marketing Consultant, NorthEast at ExactTarget on the services team (prior to and through their acquisition by

In December of 2013, Jeremy packed up his life in the Big Apple to move to the left coast and become employee #21 at Zenefits. During his time with Zenefits the company grew to over 1500 employees, multiple office locations, and scale you couldn’t even imagine. Unfortunately the extreme focus on growth had it’s consequences and between rounds of layoffs and CEO changes, Jeremy opted to leave in May 2015.

While working at Zenefits, in October 2014, Jeremy was hit by an SUV on his motorcycle on the way home from work. Although, very lucky to only have had damage to his left leg this was the beginning of 3+ years of recovery across 10 different surgeries.

Jeremy took almost no time off work and continued to grow his team at Zenefits and then leave the company and being a new position as the head of marketing at TripActions.

When Jeremy accepted the position of VP of Marketing as the only marketing hire and one of the first 15 employees at TripActions. He returned to being a team of 1 and starting from scratch again with a seat on the executive team. Leveraging all he did at Zenefits and the learnings, he was able to create inbound programs and provide targeted accounts and leads for the sales team.

Jeremy decided to leave TripActions in June of 2017 to set out with his partner and explore the country with the goal of finding their next home. They spent 4 months on the road via car and then RV exploring 12 potential cities and countless miles in between.

Late October they returned to California so Jeremy could sell his house and prep for yet another cross-country move!

Well as they say, shit happens! Jeremy found himself single and longing for the open road once again. With his home in Oakland sold, he hit the road mid-December to spend the holidays in Georgia with family and get everything lined up for a year of full-time RVing and returning to the work force as an entrepreneur instead of an employee.

After years of crushing goals virtually from hospitals and home he knew that he could help so many small and medium sized businesses across the country from anywhere as long as he had an internet connection. This is where we’re at today!

After 3 months of preparation, Jeremy has traveled over 1500 miles, set up a business, created a brand, and is now launching his digital presence!


I’m Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation, Experience & Sheer Determination